Generous Art with Jade Walker

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Jade Walker. "Clamp"

Austin artist Jennifer Chenoweth started Generous Art with a two-pronged purpose: Give artists a direct means to sell their work at a fair price, and direct some of that profit to area non-profits.

Jade Walker. "Clamp"

Jade Walker. “Clamp,” bed clamp, fabric, soap dispenser, paint.

With each sale of art either on the Generous Art website or at any number of Generous Art events, the purchaser can chose from a list of non-profits to receive 30% of the sales price.

This weekend, Generous Art is hosting one of its studio sales with Jade Walker.

Walker’s sculpture — mostly crafted from fabric — seem like benign, even humorous, abstractions of the human body. Yet there’s also an unsettledness and other-worldliness to them that’s compelling and intriguing.

Jade Walker Studio Sale
5 to 8p.m. Saturday,  1 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sunday
Jade Walker’s Studio, 1808 Alguno Road

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