What to see at EAST: Don’t miss “Field Constructs”

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"99 White Balloons," by Invivia, part of "Field Constructs"

“Field Constructs” is an inventive artistic intervention at 10-acre Circle Acres Nature Preserve in the Montopolis neighborhood.

Once a quarry, then a landfill, the site was horrifically toxic when Ecology Action assumed its ownership, and cleaned up.

And for the East Austin Studio Tour, “Field Constructs,” an independent initiative, selected four temporary installations for the site.

Circle Acres Nature Preserve is at 900 Grove Blvd. and “Field Constructs” will be on view 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

Field Constructs-DSC06530

“Hybroot,” OTA+


"99 White Balloons," by Invivia

Foreground: “99 White Balloons,” by Invivia. Background: “Duck blind in Plain Site,” OPAL/And-Either-Or


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