Magic Lights Up Austin at Esther’s Follies

Ray Anderson worked his magic on Ellana Kelter during an audition for Esther’s Follies years ago when she performed an illusion without even knowing it. Something clicked and they formed a partnership rooted in passion and trust, performing dangerous illusions three nights a week in downtown Austin.

“People can tell we love one another,” Anderson said.

Ray and Ellana 2

During the show, Ray and Ellana descend onto the stage in a huge metal cage. As they dance passionately and seductively, Ellana disappears before the audience’s eyes, reappearing as she bursts through the cage, and lands in Anderson’s arms.

“I can’t wait to look deep into his eyes. That’s part of what makes it easy, nothing is fake,” said Kelter. “The magic is really us. It’s our own personality. Each piece, its own story.”

In another illusion, Ellana springs up out of a fiery box. Anderson hypnotizes her to the driving beat of KONGOS song, Come With Me Now, and suddenly she levitates.

“Entertaining an audience is true magic,” Anderson said. “We get the same gratification when it’s successful. To share that moment with someone else is spectacular.”

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