Watch: Austin flamenco dancer Olivia Chacón

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David "Shrek" Vega. Photo by Jeanne Claire van Ryzin

Sometimes in dance it really is just all about the feet.

Recently we dropped in on a rehearsal with A’Lante Flamenco, the award-winning Austin troupe headed up by the husband-and-wife team of Isai and Oliva Chacón.

A’Lante has show this weekend at the Long Center. “Snapshots: New World Flamenco” features work by two guest flamenco choreographers, Karen Lugo and Miguel Vargas.

The show features Olivia Chacón in a solo of her own choreography too.

Lightning-fast, precise, complex footwork is the hallmark of flamenco dancing. And Chacón proves her elegant mastery in just this one minute of rehearsal.

Chacón was awarded “Best Dancer” by the Austin Critics’ Table in 2014.

Here’s our feature story on Isai and Olivia Chacón.





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