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Austin Opera leader turns to Big Data

9:44 am Feb. 11, 2017

This past fall, Austin Opera flew in Annie Burridge, a candidate for general director, to watch its staging of “The Manchurian Candidate.”

“I sat down in the hall,” says the former managing director of Opera Philadelphia.

Ballet Austin explores love, death and sex

9:42 am Feb. 9, 2017

The studio lights gleam brightly, yet an aura of darkness pervades.

Pairs of dancers in rehearsal togs curl, loop and tangle around each other. They mirror each other’s movements, often in distorted, unsettlingly beautiful ways. Everywhere

Bestselling CD of 2016? Not Beyoncé or Drake

11:01 am Dec. 9, 2016

Who had the bestselling CD of 2016?

Sorry Beyoncé.

A German composer who’s been dead for 225 years bested any of today’s pop stars when it comes to moving units.

Billboard announced recently that the giant ‘Mozart 225,’

Music review: Austin Opera’s The Flying Dutchman

10:53 am Nov. 19, 2016

Enter the “Flying Dutchman,” a sea captain cursed after making an ill-advised deal with Satan, who is forced to wander the seven seas, returning home only once every seven years — and then, only to look for a sympathetic woman who will fall in love with him and break the Dutchman’s bondage.

If it sounds complicated, the plot in practice couldn’t be simpler. Few of the operatic conventions; the

Austin Opera names new general director

12:21 pm Oct. 24, 2016

Austin Opera announced today that it has named Annie Burridge as its general director. Burridge currently serves as managing director of Opera Philadelphia.

Burridge will assume her new position in Novembe with a 5-year contract through

Music review: Rhiannon Giddens sings a haunting slave narrative

11:19 am Sep. 27, 2016

(This review is by American-Statesman freelance arts critic Luke Quinton.)

There’s nothing academic about Rhiannon Giddens’ stage presence — she’s the real deal.

Standing barefoot on the McCullough Theatre stage Friday between members of the Kronos Quartet,