East Austin Studio Tour: Get going, get out there

“El Capacitor” is a public installation by Michael Anthony García, a commissioned project by TEMPO, the city’s temporary public art initiative.

“El Capacitor” is in East Austin’s Metz Park and thus an official stop on this year’s East Austin Studio Tour. It is one of five TEMPO projects on the tour.

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A bright red podium forms the center of García’s installation. The podium is surrounded by flagpoles bearing flags that are stitched together from neighborhood residents’ clothing.

García is an astute and thoughtful artist whose creative and curatoral practice is rooted in timely social issues.

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The title “El Capacitor” refers to the nearby decommissioned Holly Street Power Plant, which for half a century belched toxic fumes, leaked chemicals into Lady Bird Lake and was the site of numerous oil spills and fires.

Only after considerable community and citizen action did the Holly Street Power Plant close in 2007.

However, by the mid-aughts, the surrounding neighborhood of modest houses, for generations a predominantly Latino enclave, was already witnessing significant changes as gentrification drew a new demographic — yes, including artists to the downtown-adjacent neighborhood.

For García, “El Capacitor” is symbol of the community’s potential energy — a symbolic space created to inspire the neighborhood’s longtime residents to amplify their voice.

“El Capacitor” can also be read as a summons for everyone to get out there and talk to each other in a civic space. Its bright podium offers a dignified platform for all voices. And its circle of flags frames a demand for all of us to listen to each other.

“El Capacitor” by Michael Anthony García. Photo courtesy of the artist.


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Nine days left for free admission to Umlauf Sculpture Garden

Thanks to its fundraising efforts during the citywide Amplify Austin campaign, the Umlauf Sculpture Garden & Museum is offering free admission — but just through Aug. 31.

Next to Zilker Park, the museum’s six-acre grounds and exhibit pavilion have dozens of sculptures made by Charles Umlauf, the late modernist artist and University of Texas art professor

For a special exhibit, Umlauf museum curators have re-created the artist’s studio in the museum gallery:, “Studio in the Museum: An Interactive Recreation of Charles Umlauf’s Studio”

Museum hours are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday-Friday, noon to 4 p.m. Saturday-Sunday
Umlauf Sculpture Garden & Museum, 605 Robert E. Lee Road

And check out the Austin360 interactive map of arts and culture museums.


Lotus, 1960, bronze Among the most popular sculptures in the Garden, Lotus (the Egyptian goddess of fertility) was modeled after a hippopotamus in the San Antonio Zoo.
“Lotus,” 1960, bronze
Among the most popular sculptures in the Umlauf Garden, Lotus (the Egyptian goddess of fertility) was modeled after a hippopotamus in the San Antonio Zoo.

Choose your own interactive tour of Austin’s arts scene

We know. There’s lots to do in Austin. And whether you’re new to town or have been here for years, Austin’s ever-exploding arts scene can sometimes overwhelm.

Not to worry. We’ve got it all laid out for you to peruse with several interactive, easy-to-use map guides that will get you out and seeing things.


Print Austin fest at the Canopy arts complex
Print Austin fest at the Canopy arts complex in East Austin




Weekend arts picks: PerformaDance, “Missionary Position,” ICOSA Collective’s new gallery

“Missionary Position: Pleasure Journeys for the Intrepid Lady Explorer.” Glass Half Full Theatre presents the third installment of its spoof on traditional mores. Staged as if it were a Victorian-era lecture for ladies, characters Amelia Weatherbeaten and Eleanor Dangerbottom present to proper 19th century women and aspiring suffragettes a program entitled “Riding your Bicycle to Freedom and Other Lofty Apogee.” 8 p.m. Thursday-Saturday, 5 p.m. Sunday through June 26. Salvage Vanguard Theater, 2803 Manor Road. $15-$25. glasshalffulltheatre.com.


“Missionary Position: Pleasure Journeys for the Intrepid Lady Explorer.”



Winner of two Austin Critic’s Table awards, the indie Performa Dance unveils a fresh show of sharp new contemporary dance including the premiere of Performa Dance artistic director Jennifer Hart “Camille: A Story of Art and Love,” a 30-minute story ballet about


Ballet Austin dancers Oren Porterfield and Ed Carr in “Camille: A Story of Art and Love.".
Ballet Austin dancers Oren Porterfield and Ed Carr in “Camille: A Story of Art and Love.”.


“Part 2: ICOSA Collective.” That big yellow arts warehouse in East Austin on Shady Lane — longtime home to Pump Project Art Complex — just got a little artsier. The indie ICOSA artist collective has commandeered 1,500 square feet of space for a new gallery, debuting the venue with a group exhibit of its members. Noon to 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday through June 26. 702 Shady Lane. Free. icosacollective.com.






Austin Critics’ Table announces 2015-2016 award nominations

And they’re in: The Austin Critics’ Table today announces the nominations for its 2015-2016 arts awards.

Now in its 24th year, the Critics’ Table in an informal group of arts writers from the American-Statesman and the Austin Chronicle who annually recognize achievement in the arts.

The free awards ceremony is at 7 p.m. May 23 at Cap City Comedy Club.

Also being honored this year as new inductees to the Austin Arts Hall of Fame are Austin Symphony Orchestra music director Peter Bay, Ballet Austin executive director Cookie Ruiz and Ballet Austin artistic director Stephen Mills.

Jade Walker’s “Four Cornered.”


"99 White Balloons," by Invivia, part of "Field Constructs"
“99 White Balloons,” by Invivia, part of “Field Constructs
  • Independent or Public Project
    “Field Constructs Design Competition,” Rachel Adams, Catherine Gavin, and Igor Siddiqui.
    “Omission,” Juan Deleon, TEMPO/AIPP
    “Las Piñatas,” David A. Goujon, TEMPO/AIPP
    “Sew Wasted,” Los Outsiders
    “Sound Atlas,” Steve Parker, Drawing Lines
  • Gallery Body of Work
    Camiba Gallery
    Grayduck Gallery
    MASS Gallery
    Pump Project Gallery
    Wally Workman Gallery


KDH Dance Company's "True Stories." Photo by Stephen Pruitt.
KDH Dance Company’s “True Stories.” Photo by Stephen Pruitt.
  • Short work
    “Desire” from Director’s Choice, Ballet Austin
    “Motherwell Amor,” Erick Hawkins Dance Co./Shay Ishii Dance Co.
    “A Part,” Rosalyn Nasky (Chaddick Dance Theater)
    “Stream,” Ballet Austin (Director’s Choice)
    “Early That Summer,” Ballet Austin (Director’s Choice)
    “Echoes of Veiled Light,” Ballet East
  • Choreographer
    Collective choreography by Charles O. Anderson, Lisa Nicks, Kate Warren and Kathy Dunn Hamrick, More Than One Complication
    Kathy Dunn Hamrick, True Story
    Sally Jacques, Edge of Grace
    Andrea Ariel, “Echoes of Veiled Light”
    Acia Gray, In Your Shoes
Aare Krumpe and Paul Bloodgood in Stephen Mills' "Desire." Photo by Anne Bloodgood.
Aare Krumpe and Paul Bloodgood in Stephen Mills’ “Desire.” Photo by Anne Bloodgood.
  • Duet
    Paul Michael Bloodgood & Aara Krumpe, “Desire”
    Nathan Brumbaugh & Lisa Del Rosario, “Echoes of Veiled Light”
    Matt Shields & Tony Merriwether, Sophisticated Ladies


Jacques Colimon as Jaybo Freeman and Jennifer Underwood as Eller Freeman in "Terminus"
Jacques Colimon as Jaybo Freeman and Jennifer Underwood as Eller Freeman in “Terminus”
"The Wild Party," UT Dept. of Theatre
“The Wild Party,” UT Dept. of Theatre
  • Ensemble Performance
    “Mr. Burns, a post-electric play,” Mary Moody Northen Theatre
    “The Wild Party,” UT Austin Department of Theatre and Dance
    “The Diary of Anne Frank,” UT Department of Theatre and Dance
    “The Dumb Waiter,” Capital T Theatre
    “Topdog/Underdog,” Viceroys
    “The Tree Play,” Robi Polgar
    “Tortoise & Hare,” Summer Stock Austin
 "Mr. Burns, a post-electric play." Photo by Brett Brookshire.
“Mr. Burns, a post-electric play.” Photo by Brett Brookshire.
  • David Mark Cohen New Play Award
    Tender Rough Rough Tender,” Sarah Saltwick
    Fixing Timon of Athens,” Kirk Lynn
    “The Tree Play,” Robi Polgar
    “Hands Up Hoodies Down,” Zell Miller III
    “Hunger,” Ebony Stewart
    Tortoise & Hare,” Allen Robertson & Damon Brown
  • Costume Design
    Talena Martinez, “Marie Antoinette”
    Curtis Uhlemann and Bobby Moffett, “The Warriors”
    Mercedes O’Bannion, “Mast/The Government Inspector”
    Kelsey Vidic, “The Diary of Anne Frank”
    E. L. Hohn, “The Wild Party”
    Jenny McNee & Jennifer Rose Davis, “The History of King Lear”
    Court Watson, “Evita”
"Dancestry," Shay Ishii Dance Company
“Dancestry,” Shay Ishii Dance Company
  • Lighting Design
    Patrick Anthony, “Year of the Rooster“/“Hunger“/“Terminus/”Medea”/”Marie Antoinette”
    Stephen Pruitt, “In Your Shoes”/”Frankenstein: The Trouble Puppet Show”/”True Story”/”Lumen”
    Megan Slayter, “Dancestry”
    Jennifer Rogers, “The Tree Play”
    Po-Yang Sung, “The Diary of Anne Frank”
    Michelle Habeck, “Sophisticated Ladies”
    Sarah Maines, “Mr. Burns, a post-electric play”
  • Sound Design
    Robert S. Fisher, “Gusev/The Night Alive/The Realistic Joneses”
    K. Eliot Haynes, “Frankenstein: The Trouble Puppet Show/Mr. Burns, a post-electric play”
    William Meadows, “Edge of Grace”
    Lowell Bartholomee, “The Tree Play/Year of the Rooster”
    Ben Campbell, “The Diary of Anne Frank”
    Craig Brock, “Evita”
  • Video Design
    Lowell Bartolomee, “When the Rain Stops Falling”
    Eliot Gray Fisher, “The Warriors”
    Jared LeClaire, “The Wild Party”
    Julia Smith, “Gusev”
    Matt Smith, “The Diary of Anne Frank”


  • Singer
    Donnie Ray Albert, Aida
    Tuija Knihtilä, Aida
    Chan Yang Lim, At the Statue of Venus
    Lior, Compassion
    Eric Neuville, The Poet Sings: Emily Dickinson
    Issachar Savage, Aida
    Karen Slack, Aida
    Julia Taylor, Three Decembers
    Sonja DuToit Tengblad, The Poet Sings: Emily Dickinson
  • Chamber Performance
    Anton Nel & Bion Tsang, Butler School of Music
    Medieval Pilgrimage in Iberia, Texas Early Music Project
    The Late Show, Austin Chamber Music Center
    Pléiades, line upon line percussion
    The Poet Sings: Emily Dickinson, Conspirare
    Start the New Year With Bach, La Follia
    Traffic Jam, Steve Parker
  • Instrumentalist
    Catherine Davis, Illusory Impressions
    Jessica Mathaes, Compassion
    Anton Nel, Anton Nel & Bion Tsang
    Stephen Redfield, Start the New Year With Bach
    Michelle Schumann, The Poet Sings: Emily Dickinson/In the Face of Trouble
    Bion Tsang, Anton Nel & Bion Tsang
    Keith Womer, Start the New Year With Bach, La Follia